Meteor MP

Meteor MP
DegussaMeteor MPUniversal blowtorch system for the melting and soldering of alloys. Meteor is safe to handle and ensures consistent, high quality results. Blowpipe Meteor O: For casting, universal and bonding alloys – Melting with oxygen-propane.Blowpipe Meteor A: For casting alloys – Melting with compressed air-propane.Blowpipe Meteor O-NP:
For non-precious alloys – Melting with oxygen-propane. Blowpipe L: For general soldering with oxygen-propane.

Item No. Name
0805 2167 Universal handle
0805 2164 Blowpipe Reg “O”
0805 2168 Blowpipe “O-NP”
0805 2165 Blowpipe “A”
0805 2166 Blowhead “O”
0805 2169 Blowhead “O-NP”
0805 2184 Blowpipe “L”