ABF waxes are characterized by their unique composition,
that guarantees exceptional properties during use:

light and dark: As their name indicates these waxes make it possible
to create the aesthetics, that will provide your Wax-up with
character. A light version to ensure basic colouring and a dark
version to generate typical shade in the fissures. In the liquid state
these waxes still remain opaque.
This modeling wax has a pleasant texture, is very clean and allows
excellent visual control. This wax is ideal for use with pressable
ceramic systems.
This extra hard milling wax, offers excellent resistance to creaks and
chips at the edges, and is ideal to be used with or without rotary
The universal wax per excellence. It can be easily used for any type
of modeling, in particular for the construction of occlusal surfaces,
coronal walls and armatures.
This extremely stable wax is typically used for the first layers of the
coping and the secondary parts of the milling technique. Its name
is there to indicate its greater stability at the marginal edge and
ensures a high degree of precision of the coping.
This positioning wax has a high degree of adherence, offers an
excellent solution when attaching the spruing elements. An ideal
adherence is obtained when used at a temperature above 20 °C.