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ABF-Wax ABF waxes are characterized by their unique composition, that guarantees exceptional properties during use: Creativ light and dark: As their name indicates these waxes make it possible to create the aesthetics, that will...

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Wax Wire Roll of 250 g, x 0,4 mm

Wax Wire Roll of 250 g, x 0,4 mm 0805 2150 Creativ light beige 66 °C hard Aesthetic wax-up 0805 2151 Creativ dark brown 66 °C hard Contrast 0805 2154 Special grey 66 °C hard Wax-up and C & B work 0805 2148 Margin red 67 °C...

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Aesthetic Wax

AESTHETIC WAX • ideally suited as a wax up • for modeling crowns and bridges • for clean and smooth surfaces • does not smear • can be milled • free of titanium dioxide therefore burns • without residues Item No. 974115 (white)...

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Galileo Pressable Wax

Galileo Pressable Wax is translucent and “Ash Free”. Similar to our modelling wax, it is an exceptional wax for pressable crowns, inlays and frameworks. It’s chatter-free carvability creates smooth contours for the most...

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Galileo Dip Pot Wax

Galileo Dip Pot Wax is not just a dipping wax, but also a perfect margin wax all in one. “Ash Free” / Melting temperature is 1650 F. Item No. 460 – G Green – (Approx. 3.5 oz) 460 – Y Yellow – (Approx. 3.5...

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