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702 Hi-Tech Flux 10 gm

702 Hi-Tech Flux 10 gm This pink flux is used with the Hi-Tech pre-solder. Keyed to eliminate the oxides that are created when soldering the Tilite alloys.

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202 Hi Tech Pre-Solder

202 Hi Tech Pre-Solder Melting point 2150°F / 1177°C. High-Tech Pre-Solder was made for Tilite Alloys. This solder is very easy to use. It is heat stable and will endure multiple porcelain firings without...

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201 Post Solder

201 Post Solder Melting point 1200-1400°F/ 649-760°C to be used for post-soldering Tilite Alloys and soldering Tilite Alloy to ceramic precious or semi-precious alloys as well as full cast alloys.

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Meteor MP

Meteor MP DegussaMeteor MPUniversal blowtorch system for the melting and soldering of alloys. Meteor is safe to handle and ensures consistent, high quality results. Blowpipe Meteor O: For casting, universal and bonding alloys –...

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