Product Category: Flux

CM Stopor

Stopor Zirconia based anti-flux paste. Stopor limits the spreading of the liquid solder to the immediate vicinity of the joint, thus contamination of attachment and occlusal surfaces is prevented. By applying Stopor to soldering...

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Boric Acid

Boric Acid High fusing flux. For all casting alloys with a solidus temperature greater than 1000 °C / 1832 °F. For open flame or induction melting. By applying Boric Acid, oxida-tion of the alloy during melting is avoided....

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Borax Melting flux

Borax Melting flux. For all casting alloys with a solidus temperature less than 1000 °C / 1832 °F.For open flame or induction melting. By applying Borax, oxidation of the alloy during melting is avoided. Glazing of crucibles...

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