Author: Swiss NF Metals

Zest Locator Fixed has Arrived

Easily upgrade your existing LOCATOR Removable patients to LOCATOR FIXED by simply changing the inserts and housings and modifying the overdenture to a supported prosthesis. Patients can easily transition between a FIXED and...

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CM Loc is here in Canada!

CM Loc is coming to Canada to Swiss NF Metals The CM LOC® stands for a functional, hygienic, user- and patientfriendly solution. The abutment design sets a new standard for improved clinical application, increased service life...

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Dynamic Abutment Implant System

Dynamic Abutment Implant System The new Dynamic Abutment Implant System allows for up to 30° of screw channel correction to resolve implant divergence problems. It is used in those cases which are necessary to rectify the entry...

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