Robust engineering, beautifully delivered. The PRO 4K combines the latest 4K imaging technology with Asiga’s well proven Smart Positioning System (SPS™) to produce a build volume 3x larger than our desktop 3D printers. Precision, reliability, speed and an Open Material System all come as standard to provide production continuity for the most demanding digital manufacturing environments.

3D Resins for Digital Dentistry

3D Resins are here, Health Canada Approved & ready to ship!

ZEST Dental Solutions

For more than 40 years, Zest Dental Solutions has been regarded as innovative and best-in-class implant restorative solutions.

CM Loc

The CM LOC. stands for a functional, hygienic, user- and patientfriendly solution. The abutment design sets a new standard for improved clinical application, increased service life and thus a high level of wearing comfort and ease of cleaning. The user benefits from the use of two high-strength materials and the patient daily from the added value of Cendres+M.taux products.


It is used in those cases which are necessary to rectify the entry of the screw due to an unfavorable position of the implants, improving the functionality and aesthetics of the milled prosthesis.